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by Rebecca Grant, Anyes Greene, Lucilla Nitto, Jessica Pintaldi

Venue:  Creative Solutions Art & Design Gallery
The Exhibition runs 3rd -13th January 2012

Please join us for a glass of wine at the gallery this Friday, 13th January 6-9pm for the Closing party of the Show.

Rebecca Grant
Theatre has always been a part of my life: the drama on stage, the costumes, the make-up, the lights and the script. However, what makes it one of the most celebrated industries are the people, their vision of how a character behaves, moves or dances. Instead of performing, it was interesting to finally be the audience and observe the qualities of a performer but from a viewpoint of being a performer myself.
I worked to capture the entertainer in character, their creation of a role or a dance. So in turn it was art within another art form, the former being theatre and all skills within that. In Andrew Lloyd Webber’s‘Bombay Dreams’ I wanted to remain true to its bright dynamic vibrancy through watercolour. The Jive Aces gave me an opportunity to interpret music and sounds that could not be seen. Lastly,the Philippine Dance Troupe (Lahing Kayumanggi) brought forth challenges of interpreting cultural poise, demeanour and movement in their bodies.
Anyes Greene
In my work I seek that elusive thing we call beauty, as I see it. I work to create another vision of reality as we know it. But to keep things really simple you might say I am interested in places and spaces that though not presently possible are always a pleasingly probability.
I refer my work as PHOTOGRAPHISM. A coined word to mean photo and graphics. The work itself references the history of photomontage. Gone are the collage tools of yesteryear, replaced with digital tweezer and glue. I use imagery I photograph, scavenge and reform to make these works. They are finding their finished forms mounted on hard-wearing vinyl, glass and media usually associated with mass market product display.
I enjoy greatly the work of Dali, the pre-raphaelites and the design and form of art nouveau and art deco. I am a self-taught artist and am currently engaged in several private portrait commissions and two upcoming exhibitions.
Lucilla Nitto
Her research and work has roots in architectural photography, with special attention to the archaeology of derelict industrial complexes, seaports, and inner-city and outlying sites, and expands into anthropological and artistic photography. Her work combines the techniques of traditional photography with those of cutting-edge video and digital photography.
Since 2002 he has collaborated with the musician Roberto Bove in the "Randl project", a force in experimental video art.
London based, since 2009 she has joined London Indepedent Photography.

Jessica Pintaldi
I've developed my own research, starting from "Oscar Kokoschka's School of Seeing" background, where Students sharpen their visual perception by observing moving models, and then quickly painting in watercolours (which are not susceptible of correction), thus achieving a better insight into the world.
The artwork is focused on this watercolour technique, and other media, such as egg tempera, directing the creation on an ethereal, floating painting surface.
My recent series of paintings is centred on "cosmogony landscapes and primordial nature." It is a personal walk around ancient stories and myths of creation.
The approach I used for this series is through a traditional Italian media, "Eggs Tempera," to rediscover the magical relationship between matter and creation, which some painters have lost. Making my own colours, using Cennino Cennini recipes from his famous art book written in the early 400s, is a perfect technique to create thin surfaces of paint and detailed textures.
The result is a journey into forgotten lands, where the colour still speaks directly, and maintains its evocative power.

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