Petronele Gerlikiene
Tapestry "An Oak". 1976

Cotton, embroidery, applique. 202x144 cm

"I’m going to embroider a tapestry for the new house. I’m gonna find a man, buy a house in Silale and move there. The oak is a beautiful tree; there was an oak woods in Mazrimai right by our house.
There has to be one oak-tree and necessarily in the center; its trunk is lumpy and the boughs few and shapely. It’ll be autumn, the leaves already yellowish but still hanging on to the tree. There isn’t enough room for the oak. It’s a tall and strong tree – I’m gonna add a piece of cloth at the top and I’m gonna cover the stitch by sewing two leaves and six martens on top of it. Martens always run one after another, their eyes blinking. And it’s late, so there is a red sun among the branches – here, I’m gonna apply a piece of that cloth and that should do it."

An excerpt from the book "Petronele Gerlikiene: Tapestries, Painting", Vilnius 2005