Vladas Mackevicius

Vladas Mackevicius was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1981.

"I am a self taught painter representing new generation of artists. I am often described as protester. I try with utmost clarity to express resonances of globalization, environment pollution and regress of humanity in order to emphasize importance of proper personal priorities and Mother-Nature in our lives. Being thorough observer I source inspiration mostly from people that surround me. You don't necessarily have to admire someone or something to source inspiration for an artistic act. Love, disgust, hate or even dullness are equally strong catalysts if you have an eye for them..."

Vladas is proud that his paintings are enjoyed by a vivid, interesting group of people including Princess Alexandra of Denmark, Ennio Morricone, Emir Kusturica and others.


Vladas Mackevicius collaborates with various foundations such as UNICEF, Order of Malta, Save the Children, SOS Children and others