Anyes Greene

In my work I seek that elusive thing we call beauty, as I see it. I work to create another vision of reality as we know it. But to keep things really simple you might say I am interested in places and spaces that though not presently possible are always a pleasing probability.

I refer my work as PHOTOGRAPHISM. A coined word to mean photo and graphics.
The work itself references the history of photo-montage. Gone are the collage tools of yesteryear, replaced with digital tweezers and glue. I use imagery I photograph, scavenge and reform to make these works. They are finding their finished forms mounted on hard-wearing vinyl, glass and media usually associated with mass market product display.
I enjoy greatly the work of Dali, the pre-Raphaelites and the design and form of art nouveau and art deco.
I am a self-taught artist and am currently engaged in several private portrait commissions and several upcoming exhibitions.