Pranciškus Gerlikas

Portraitist & Landscape Painter

P. Gerlikas has painted more than 400 illustrious historical and contemporary personalities: writers, composers, actors, poets, musicians, as well as numerous family portraits and group compositions. He is interested in understanding his subjects and their ideas in depth and paints imaginative portraits often depicting artists and creatives in a moment of creative inspiration.

Painting (1963-1968), Vilnius Academy of Arts. 

Member of Lithuanian Artists' Association since 1991. Has held more than 50 personal exhibitions to date. Participated in more than 30 group exhibitions in Lithuania and internationally.

Pranciskus Gerlikas' landscapes are moments of emotional revelation, seascapes at sunset, cloudy skies with rays of light, sunlit autumn country roads and silhouettes of trees at dusk reminding of pre-historical creatures. Pranciskus Gerlikas portraits and landscapes are poetic and vibrant.

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