Petronele Gerlikiene

Painter & Tapestry Artist

Petronele Gerlikiene (1905-1979) was born in Chicago, USA. Later with her parents she returned to Lithuania. When P. Gerlikiene retired, she began creating large scale tapestries and painting, as well as participating in exhibitions. Petronele Gerlikiene's art has won recognition and numerous prizes in Lithuania and abroad.

Petronele Gerlikiene was inspired to embroider tapestries in order to decorate her own house, she started by creating several large, monumental tapestries depicting her beloved trees „An Oak", „A Rowan tree", „A Mapple tree". Eventually Petronele started painting and her paintings are very expressive in brushstroke and choice of colour. She usually executed her paintings as if in one fell swoop, mixing colours directly on canvas or cardboard having in her mind only the complete composition of a piece. Its vivaciousness is filled with humourous knowledge of nature of life and its ways and she always has a story to tell. Petronele was especially interested in a relationship between a man and a woman, also a fate of a woman is one of the central themes in her art.

P. Gerlikiene’s most mature and emotionally strongest works, "The Sorrowful One", "A Mother", "The Virgin", and "Benefaction" are broad-brush works and extremely poignant. Each work has a diversity of colours, a freedom of composition, and a powerful sense of wholeness. The emotional expressiveness and inner strength allows the comparison of her paintings to works of professional painters. Moreover, Gerlikiene’s works often surpass those in terms of originality of the vision, uniqueness of interpretation, and humour.

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P. Gerlikiene's first personal exhibition in Vilnius, 1977 on video. Vimeo

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