Jurgita Gerlikaite

Artist and author Jurgita Gerlikaite is educated in Visual Arts, Printmaking and Digital Imaging in Lithuania and Scandinavian countries. She has  BA degree in Art History (1998) and MBA degree (2009) in UNESCO Cultural Management from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts.

J. Gerlikaite published several art books, one of them on Chicago born self-taught painter and tapestry artist P. Gerlikiene (1905-1979): "Petronele Gerlikiene: Tapestries, Painting."

Jurgita's artworks were featured on numerous front covers of Art and Culture magazines and books in Lithuania and Japan, selected to illustrate Lithuanian school children's text-books, essays on art and poetry publications.

Jurgita Gerlikaite participates in exhibitions since 1994, and since had many solo exhibitions, invited to participate in numerous group shows.
Find more pictures by Jurgita: www.gerlikaite.lt

In 2009-2011 Jurgita worked on city-scape, architecture and creative process of Dubai inspired series of pictures and texts called "36 Views of Dubai". Please see more about the Dubai project.

At present Jurgita Gerlikaite works on "London Art Project".

Regarding sales or enquieries, please contact Jurgita at jurgita.gerlikaite(at)gmail.com