Algis Griskevicius

Painter and photography artist Algis Griškevičius was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Worked as an artist's assistant in Opera and Ballet House 1976 -1980. Studied at Vilnius Art Academy in 1980-1985.
At the same time worked as senior artist - scenography painter in Vilnius Youth Theatre in 1980-1990. Works as a freelance artist since 1990. Participating in exhibitions since 1986.
Arranged 52 personal exhibition and participated in 95 group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.
His works had been shown in exhibitions around the world in: Latvia, Laos, Tunisia, Holland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Portugal, Sweden, USA, Croatia, Austria, China, Belgium, Italy, Vietnam, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Canada.


2010 – Order of Special Merit for Lithuania
2009 – Second position in International Caroun Photo Club (CPC) competition, (Vancouver, Canada)
2008 – Laureate of LATGAA (Lithuanian Artists’ Rights Association). Golden Star for the most popular visual artist.
2008 – Lithuanian Artists Association’s Golden Badge for the best exhibitions in 2007.
2007 – Laurynas Ivinskis premium for the best calendar of the year.
2005 – The first place in the national contest for the best Lithuanian landscape at Klaipėda Picture Hall and Baroti gallery.
1999–2000 – Premium for painting in national exhibition “The Beginning of the End” in Klaipėda Picture Hall and Baroti gallery.
1997 – Lithuanian Artists Association premium for creative continuation of Lithuanian tradition in the annual exhibition of Lithuanian painters.
1994 – Ministry of Environment of Lithuanian Republic premium for a painting work in exhibition “To Beautify Lithuania”.